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ReasonML is cool, Swift adopts LSP, Software engineering wisdom, Server side templating: who needs it?

ReasonML: Strict, powerful and forgiving - A great intro to ReasonML. ReasonML is a typescript style competitor to JS, along with reasoning and a short comparison to other competitors in the space. In case you've not gone through the ...

PostgreSQL: Efficient Queries - Indexing

How to index your tables to make your queries perform far more efficiently.

PostgreSQL: Explain

Understand what is going on under the hood of your queries.

PostgreSQL: Analyze

How to keep PostgreSQL updated on the status of our tables so it can run queries as efficiently as possible.


Open Source Spotlight: Milligram - A minimalist CSS framework

This week the spotlight is on Milligram, which was created by CJ Patoilo.

Milligram is a super lightweight CSS framework, only weighing in around 2KB when minified and gzipped. It's pretty detailed for such a minimalist UI library and it has a...

PostgreSQL: Vacuum / Autovacuum

Eliminate the bloat in your database with vacuum and autovacuum.


WASM goes back to the Future, Give Lisp a chance, Microservices vs Monoliths, MongoDB RE-licenses, and Linkdump meta

WebAssembly's post-MVP future - Mozilla publishes the pièce de résistance on WASM--where it started, where it's at, and where it's going. Seriously, don't miss this. They outline the full development process and the long term...


Getting started with React 360 and Elixir

We will be using Elixir, a little phoenix ( little ), and React 360. You can read up on each here:

It should be noted that it is, at the time of writing this, hard to find good supporting docs for React 360, it has been...


Hacktoberfest! Get a sweet t-shirt for opening 5 PRs

This is one in a series of weekly spotlights on cool projects in the open source community that are looking for exposure or assistance. If you'd like your project to be featured, hit up us up at support at this domain and let us know about...


HackTracks - Music to Code By

We put together a playlist with some songs we love to listen to while coding. We thought you might enjoy it.

Give us some suggestions in the comments or on twitter @smoothterminal

PostgreSQL: General Configuration 2

Understanding pg_hba.conf, postgresql.conf, and how to use them to tune our systems.