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Practicing Structs

Writing multiple initializers for a struct.

Instance Methods & Mutability

Fine-grained control over mutability on properties & methods.


Memory Management for Classes

Using Automatic Reference Counting to your advantage


The Swift Programming Language

Introduction to the Swift Programming Language.


Playgrounds & Built-in Types

Learn code quickly using Xcode Playgrounds without building an entire app.

Preparing for Resource Details

Preparations for resource detail views, and solving an exercise to extend our charts.


Elm Weekly Drip #28 and Exercise: Extend Charts

Links covering: REST and GraphQL; Plotting; Genetic Algorithms; Monads; and Spaceships. Then an exercise to extend our chart to be a bit nicer.

Using Distillery to Create a Release of our ExIrc Slack Bot

Painlessly rolling a release tarball of our Elixir application, and producing a systemd unit to run it on system boot.

Metaprogramming Model Validation Tests

A quick tip for writing data-driven ExUnit tests.

Better Charts with elm-visualization

A package for charting that's inspired by D3's data model.

Generalizing Server-Side Sorting

Implementing server-side sorting throughout the rest of our resources.

Server-Side Sorting and Better Charts

Planning for server-side sorting and better charting, and solving last week's exercise to generalize our loading indicators and search.