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Server-Side Sorting

Adding the ability to specify the sort order we prefer from the backend.

Slurping Links Out of a Free Slack with ExIrc, Part 3 - GenStage to the Rescue

Using GenStage to completely replace our queue-based system and provide us additional avenues for enhancement.


Elm Weekly Drip #27 and Exercise: Loading and Search Everywhere

Links covering: Geocoding, Web Components, Lenses and Prisms and Isomorphisms, and a Category Theory course. Also: a exercise to spread search and loading screens to the rest of our app.

Slurping Links Out of a Free Slack with ExIrc, Part 2

Pushing messages with links into the queue, building a quick WordPress API client with Tesla, and building a worker to pull items from the queue and push them into the API.

Searching in our Tables

Quickly adding the ability to search to our data tables.


5 Great Design Resources

Hello world!

Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Amy Lucas, and I’ve recently joined the DailyDrip team as its graphic designer. Besides a passion for great design; I am a photographer, travel enthusiast, and foodie.

As my first DailyDrip blog post...

Smoother Loading of RemoteData

Extending our RemoteData types to allow us to show a loading display.

Using RemoteData for Better UX

Leveraging the type system to ensure we don't overlook parts of the user experience.

Remote Data and Search

Preparing to introduce loading indicators and search, and solving generalizing pagination in the views.


Direct Uploads with S3 in a Phoenix API

Providing a restricted S3 policy to a user requesting to upload a file, and using jQuery File Upload to send it to S3.


Elm Weekly Drip #26 and Exercise: Build a Generalizable Paginating Table View

Links on: Thinking Computationally; Fancier SVG Graphics; immutability outside Elm; 'crappy' games; scroll progress. Also, an exercise re: generalizing our paginating table.

Finishing Table Pagination

Completing our work on paginated data tables.