Dropbox details their edge services, on replacing Redux, and the debate over Protobuffers

Dropbox traffic infrastructure: Edge network - An overview of how Dropbox keeps exabytes of data available and fast

3 Ways We're Using Elixir to Solve Real Problems - Websockets, Webhooks, and load balancing, Oh my!

Protobuffers Are Wrong [...

PostgreSQL: General Configuration 1

Getting up and running with PostgreSQL.

Open Source Spotlight: Elm-Beam, Exploring Elm on the Erlang VM

Our weekly spotlight of a cool project in the open source community that is looking for exposure or assistance. If you’d like your project to be featured, hit reply and let us know about it.

elm-beam is an experimental compiler for running Elm on...

PyTorch makes ML easier, Minecraft programming insanity, Vue.js += 1, Grindr/Fuckr spurs open source debate.

This week in neural networks... PyTorch, which provides "tensors and dynamic neural networks in Python with strong GPU acceleration", released a preview of their 1.0 release this...

Open Source Spotlight: Ignite - the React Native Starter Kit

Production ready starter kits for the React Native ecosystem.

💵💵 Java 11 - now with license fees 💵💵; Neckbeard wisdom; CA makes empty promise on IoT security

Java 11 license changes, Two discussions of retained developer wisdom, CA passes more useless laws, Dropbox drops the mic after a major Python 3 migration.

Spotlight: Tortoise, an event-sourcing library based on the MQTT protocol.

Tortoise is an MQTT client written for Elixir. MQTT is a lightweight machine to machine pub/sub protocol. Tortoise’s goal is to wrap the message passing nature of MQTT in a library that feels natural to an Elixir developer—that is, passing a...

Deploying to Testnet

Deploy our smart contract to the Ropsten Ethereum network while learning about Metamask and Faucets.

cat /dev/news: impossible programs, Linus vacations, BIG TECH COLLUSION!

This was a busy week for dev news, so we are trying a different format. More link dump + snark, less formal write ups.

Spotlight: Verk - background job processing

Our weekly spotlight of a cool project in the open source community that are looking for exposure or assistance. If you’d like your project to be featured, hit reply and let us know about it.

Verk is a asynchronous job processing system written in...

2.5M concurrent connections in Elixir. Readable code. Functional UI framework. Postgres 11 gets ~30% faster

How Discord manages 2.5M concurrent WebRTC connections. Long form article on writing more readable code. Scenic is a functional UI framework in Elixir and OpenGL.

Java Dominates while Python grows, AMP sucks, Typescript helps tame JS

JetBrains 2018 developer survey, John Ousterhout discusses Software Design, ElixirConf videos released

Building a Wallet Web App

Today we will build a web application that will act as a wallet for our DailyToken. We’ll be focusing on checking the balance as well as sending and receiving tokens.

Creating Your Own Token

Today we will create our own DailyToken contract according to the official ERC20 Token Standard. This will allow our token to be used in the token wallet applications. We will deploy our token with Truffle and, for the first time, use *listen* for blockchain events.

Open Source Spotlight: the Beaker Browser - a p2p browser based on the Dat data sharing protocol

F# is a modern functional programming language for the .NET ecosystem. Win one of three copies of Get Programming with F# in our giveaway. In just 43 bite-sized chunks, you'll learn how to use F# to tackle the most common .NET programming...

Setting Up A Local Ethereum Dev Environment

Today we will set up a local blockchain development environment. Then, we’ll deploy and interact with our smart contracts for the first time.

Is Rails Relevant? On the whining re: Elm, and Funding of OSS for fun and profit

Rails developers have babies to feed, Elm removes feature they promised to remove, algorithm interviews, and what funds open source?

A Modern Developer’s Approach to Pull Requests

Hi everyone. I'm Alexander Pulido. I've been part of DailyDrip since 2016. During this time the way I deliver PRs has changed drastically. When I started, a Pull Request description was just a small description, something like: This...

Open Source Spotlight: Remote Meetup - learn and network without leaving your house

Remote Meetup Logo

On you can search for meetups around your area. Remote Meetup is similar for remote meetups, where you can look for your your favorite programming languages and find interesting people and meetups. We wrote a bit more about Why We Need...

Waffle Fries as a Service; Elm 0.19; has OSS failed?; design for devs

Chick-fil-A deploys k8s for fun and proffit, Elm 0.19 compiles to very small bundles, Does OSS provide for societal good?, How to stop sucking at design