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Ember had a big week, announcing its fast new rendering engine, Glimmer features ‘Fast and light-weight UI components for the web.’ Also, EmberConf was this week, you can stream them on YouTube here: day 1 and day 2.

Android Studio support is coming to ChromeOS. A bug report publicly showed Google working on Android integrated development. To read more about what this could mean for Android native testing take a look here.

Paul Weeks took IBM Watson to a whole new level this week. He used IBM Bluemix Watson APIs to improve his resume. If you want to enhance your resume as well, take a look at how he did it. You can also practice your technical AI skills by making a simple chess AI or a language translator.

Next.js, a slim framework built on top of React, has released version 2.0. New features include dynamic routing, component CSS support, and pre-fetching. For a brief introduction to Next.js, take a look at this tutorial.

Curl turned 19 years old. Happy Birthday Curl! Still, after 19 years, some suggest curl should be rewritten in a different language. However, Daniel Stenberg argues that Curl is C, and points out that C is not the root for most past vulnerabilities.

Jessie Frazelle wants you to know that Linux namespaces and cgroups are not containers. Even if you don’t have particular thoughts about Solaris Zones or BSD Jails, take a look at Frazelle’s thoughts on containers. If you want to learn more about containers start with this comic.

99 Bottles of OOP, covering Object Oriented Programming and written by Sandi Metz & Katrina Owen is now available. At nearly 70,000 words, 99 Bottles of OOP was written to explain how to write good code in a practical way. To hear more about how the book came to be, listen to this podcast. Also, read a sample of the book here.

C++ 17 is finished. Most features have been finished for quite some time. However, the ISO C++ committee met in early March and put the finishing touches on C++17. As soon as this summer, C++20 will be on the agenda. Read more about what is next for C++ here.

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