Today we will see how use Devise views and set up an interesting material design css framework.

We will use Devise to manage our users.

We will create a Rails project and our project will be called users-signup.

rails new users-signup

We are using the version 5.1.3 of Rails.

Project created. Let's now add Devise as our Gem. I've already used Devise in previous episodes, you know Devise help us in user management, logging users, signing up users. It's really. For the moment, Devise has some issues with this latest version of Rails, so, I'm grabbing Devise from the master branch.

vim Gemfile
gem 'devise', github: "plataformatec/devise"

Let's do a bundle install. Run devise installation. And then we can create our user model. We will not add more fields in our user model, but you know we can add more fields than just email. User created, migration created, let's run our migration. Ok, we have our database up and our model up. Let's check...