This is the first episode of a series in which we will compare several aspects of Ionic 2 and React Native.In general, people say React Native has better performance. We will confirm this and also see where else React Native tops Ionic.

We will use Ionic 2 for comparison because it has been recently launched. In our first comparison, we will compare a one thousand items with a squared 128px image in each item. We will have a TabBar navigation in the app for both.

As you can see in the video, React Native is way better. It does not have any bugs in the visualization.

We're not using any optimization in React Native or Ionic. Also, we’re not using pagination in either.

I've heard of using VirtualScroll in Ionic, but when I tried it, I got almost the same problems. In future episodes, we will check out this optimization in Ionic. Probably, the best solution will be to use InfiniteScroll.

In the comparison, since we are not using any of these optimizations, we can see how React Native is better than Ionic in terms of performance.

You can see the entire code in our repository.