This is the recording from the first Elixir Remote Meetup by DailyDrip.

If you're interested in our other elixir content, you can find it here.

There's no transcript of the video, but some important timestamps are as follows:

If you were wondering why we're doing a Remote Meetup in the first place, I wrote a bit about that and about how we started it out.

Huge thanks to RemoteMeetup. We're partnered with them and they provided access to the BigMarker tool that we're using to run this meetup.

I hope you enjoy it. If you do, the best thing you can do to help make sure we can do these going forward in perpetuity is to subscribe to DailyDrip or tell a friend about us that might be interested. :heart:

Many apologies for my audio quality in this video. I was forced to do this meetup while away from home and apparently my Bose headphones (which were more expensive than is justifiable) have a terrible microphone, which I only learned after we'd recorded it.