The week's links and an exercise to add a credit card form using polymer web components.

The links cover: Elm Europe, terrain with WebGL, editing Elm in the browser, producing static HTML with Elm, React Storybooks for Elm, visualizing Turing Machines, and raycasting.


Elm Europe

The first Elm conference in Europe!

This tweet announced the Elm Europe conference. It's the first ever Elm conference in Europe, and I'm super excited!

[ h/t @elm_europe ]


A proof-of-concept terrain renderer using Elm WebGL

This is really cool and I feel compelled to dig into the code but haven't yet found time.

[ h/t @lepoetemaudit35 ]

Run Elm in the browser, pulling in packages as needed. Extremely cool tool for sharing the Elm love.

[ h/t @_alpacaaa ]


Turn your Elm app into a static HTML site

From the always-cool Noah Hall.

[ h/t @eeue56 ]


Using the React Storybook to show off the various states of an Elm application's views.

[ h/t kalutheo ]

Turing Drawings

Not Elm-related, but I saw it on the Elm slack and it's super cool. I won't explain it - seeing is better :)

Elm Enlightenment: Raycasting with Bresenham's Algorithm

This is a great post talking through building the visibility features using raycasting for this rogue-like written in Elm.


This week, we learned how to interact with Web Components using Elm, specifically focusing on Polymer. For this week's exercise, use the Polymer gold-elements to build a credit card form, as nice as you want to make it. See you soon!