Time for some elm links! Also, an exercise to add a new CRUD resource for organizations. This week's links cover: mandelbrots, skimmers, beginnings, BDD, State, and Spaceships.


Mandelbrot Magic

@avh4 live-coded mandelbrot. That's part 1, part 2 is here.

[ from @avh4 ]

elm package skimmer

@mech_elephant implemented an elm package skimmer that bolts on some additional metadata for packages - github stats, primarily, but it also shows license information, sorts by number of github stars, tells whether or not there are tests, and more.

[ from @mech_elephant ]

The Programs of the Week of My Birthday

@markwunsch has been spending some time learning Elm and this episode of his newsletter is all about that. Pretty fun read from someone that's experienced but just starting to get into the language.

[ from @markwunsch ]

BDD-style testing in Elm, a sketch

szabba wrote up a sketch for someone on how he would introduce "Given/When/Then" style testing using elm-test. I'm pretty sure I have a tendency to keep his random gists going for longer than they should, so mea culpa...but I still thought it was fun :) Don't send him bug reports, this is a random experiment!

[ from @szabbawithtwobs ]


Here's a package that provides a nice way to thread state through a computation. It was used in the above gist by szabba, and that's where I first saw it. I want to play with it but haven't gotten the chance yet.

[ from @flokkievids ]

Into the Heavens - a 3D spaceship game in Elm

@nphollon has been building this game for quite some time now, and it was recently upgraded to 0.17. Really nice example of doing something in Elm that you mostly haven't seen before.

[ from @nphollon ]


We've added two resources so far. We'd like to introduce a third resource: Organizations. I've gone ahead and added an API endpoint for it - you can checkout the tag before_episode_022.1 to work against.

Add a full CRUD resource using our new style API and the refactoring we've done this week, and make it available by clicking into the Organizations link in the sidebar. See you soon!

NOTE: Initially we had a different exercise here, related to elm-webdriver. It turned out to be unbelievably complicated on OS X so I dropped it and have made the exercise a bit more simple / reinforcement-focused. Sorry about that if you saw it!