If you want to continue learning Ember there are several terrific resources available to you. First, the Guides, the Docs, and the Ember Source are the most valuable tools that you will ever have access to. If you would like to continue with a more structured approach there are several resources available perhaps most notably Ember Map and Ember Screencasts. Also, if you have not already, you should definitely checkout Ember Weekend.

Here are a few addons and projects that we did not get to over, but that could be beneficial to learn about, or at least be aware of moving forward:

  • Dockyard/ember-composable-helpers I did link to this addon in a earlier drip, but we didn't really discuss it at all. It is definitely worth looking into as it can make your templates much more powerful and your JavaScript skinnier.
  • Ember Exam Addon Has been linked to as well, but you should most certainly check this out, especially as your acceptance tests grow, this can keep them running fast.
  • Firebase - A lot of people use Firebase it allows you to develop and deploy with very little work and without having to think too much about your backend.
  • thoov/ember-websockets This is an EmberCLI addon that allows you to integrate with a websocket or socket.io backend.
  • benefitcloud/ember-uploader At some point while developing with Ember you will need to add an uploader to your Ember app. Ember Uploader allows you to do that in an Embery-way and it makes that process really straight forward.
  • nolanlawson/ember-pouch This addon is a PouchDB/CouchDB adapter for Ember Data. Your app's data is saved client side and can be synced to CouchDB. This allows your app to work largely offline.
  • ember-animation/liquid-fire Liquid Fire is the default addon for creating smooth animations for an Ember App. It has a huge community of users, great documentation, and creating animations for transitions is really straight forward.
  • (vestorly/torii)[https://github.com/vestorly/torii] Torii and Ember Simple Auth (listed below) are session authentication libraries for Ember. Both are widely used and have solid documentation and community support.
  • (simplabs/ember-simple-auth)[https://github.com/simplabs/ember-simple-auth]

You should definitely check out the Community page on the Ember website. You can of course also find me if you have any questions. I'm brandon on Daily Drip's Slack and baroquon on Twitter, Github, and the Ember Community Slack.