Yesterday we looked at a few methods in the computed namespace in Ember. Today let's put s few of those (any maybe a few others) to use. This will be easiest to complete using Ember Twiddle.

Step 1

Given this component:

export default Ember.Component.extend({
  name: 'David Ross',
  position: 'Catcher'

add a computed property that returns name and position in an array:

=> ['David Ross', 'Catcher']

Step 2

You have a property on a controller that is an array of values, create a computed property that returns true if the "property is null, an empty string, empty array, or empty function."

Step 3

Given this array: ['Jim', 'Josh', 'Brandon', 'Sarah', 'Jack', 'Kristen', 'Adam'], create an input in the template, and a computed property in the controller that filters those values by the value of the input.

Hint: The first two are one liners.