Hello, and welcome to the DailyDrip emacs topic.

In this video we're going to teach you to fish. The emacs documentation is plentiful and very complete, and it would be a shame to not use it because it is so easily available.

I am going to teach you four keybindings to get help, and one keybinding to discover further behavior.

So, let's get started.

We can get help with C-h. C-h is summarized as "Act" + "Help". At the bottom it will show a ? recommended if we don't know what to do, and if we press it, we will find a whole lot of options for how to get help. We will ignore this for now and you can discover this yourself later.

setq is a function and so are require and package-intialize and so forth. It's very easy to get help on these functions by pressing C-h f, "f" for "function". And since the point was on that function name, emacs will recognize that it can provide help on this, and suggest it as a default. In this case, that...