In the last episode, I pointed out that this wasn't CSS Sips. However, I'm kind of miffed that ElixirFriends looks ugly, so today we'll look at integrating Semantic UI into it and removing the CRUD actions that we don't really need. Let's get started.

NOTE: There's definitely stuff in this video that's not in the script; specifically, I add styles for pagination and support for active links at the end of the video.

Well, so it's not entirely CSS related. First off, we'll remove the CRUD bits from posts...

 scope "/", ElixirFriends do pipe_through :browser # Use the default browser stack get "/", PostController, :index resources "/posts", PostController, only: [:show] end
 <td class="text-right"> <%= link "Show", to: post_path(@conn, :show, post), class: "btn btn-default btn-xs" %> </td>

Next we'll install Semantic UI.

npm install semantic-ui --save cd semantic...