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Facebook rewrites React and announces Fiber a more extensible, customizable, and modern version of React. Fiber is fully backwards compatible and more componentized and adds support for incremental rendering. Check out their write-up of the architecture. Facebook also released Relay Modern, a framework for building data-driven application with GraphQL and launched react-vr.

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Docker’s founder: "Docker is transitioning all of its open source collaborations to the Moby project going forward." The Moby project aims to allow more customization than previous docker systems. It accomplishes this by ensuring most components are swappable. Read more about Moby Project on Docker’s blog or the new Moby Project website. Also, take a look at docker’s new toolkit for building linux subsystems, linuxkit.

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In honor of 4/20, Sara Robinson made an NLP analysis of how people talk about cannabis on Reddit. Impressions were generally positive, but people spent a lot of time talking about the political situation surrounding marijuana. Check out part of her process here.

AWS announced a new cloud service CodeStar. AWS Codestar helps developers quickly develop, build and deploys applications. The goal of the new service is to allow developers to quickly produce quality applications that meet customers needs while maintaining an agile software development workflow. Read more about AWS CodeStar or take a look at the getting started guide.

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The Deepmind team published a paper in Nature covering "Hybrid computing using a neural network with dynamic external memory." This sounds complicated because it is. They were able to achieve a 3.8% error rate on a complex natural language processing test, where the previous best result was a 7.5% error rate. Also they showed that DNCs can solve complex tasks that normal Neural Networks cannot. Checkout the full code on github.

The next release of Atom should launch in half the time. The interesting part is how they used V8 snapshots to improve the load time. Checkout the well written and detailed article on Improving Atom Startup Time.

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Go ahead and take the weekend off. You won’t be alone as StackOverflow users are less active on Friday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday. Data indicates C programmers work late, as the majority of late night questions have been centered on C. David Robinson details more on StackOverflow’s blog.

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Dive Deeper - Microsoft Edge Development Progress

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