Hacktoberfest! Get a sweet t-shirt for opening 5 PRs

This is one in a series of weekly spotlights on cool projects in the open source community that are looking for exposure or assistance. If you'd like your project to be featured, hit up us up at support at this domain and let us know about...


HackTracks - Music to Code By

We put together a playlist with some songs we love to listen to while coding. We thought you might enjoy it.

Give us some suggestions in the comments or on twitter @smoothterminal

PostgreSQL: General Configuration 2

Understanding pg_hba.conf, postgresql.conf, and how to use them to tune our systems.

PostgreSQL: General Configuration 1

Getting up and running with PostgreSQL.


Open Source Spotlight: Elm-Beam, Exploring Elm on the Erlang VM

Our weekly spotlight of a cool project in the open source community that is looking for exposure or assistance. If you’d like your project to be featured, hit reply and let us know about it.

elm-beam is an experimental compiler for running Elm on...


Open Source Spotlight: Ignite - the React Native Starter Kit

Production ready starter kits for the React Native ecosystem.


💵💵 Java 11 - now with license fees 💵💵; Neckbeard wisdom; CA makes empty promise on IoT security

Java 11 license changes, Two discussions of retained developer wisdom, CA passes more useless laws, Dropbox drops the mic after a major Python 3 migration.


Spotlight: Tortoise, an event-sourcing library based on the MQTT protocol.

Tortoise is an MQTT client written for Elixir. MQTT is a lightweight machine to machine pub/sub protocol. Tortoise’s goal is to wrap the message passing nature of MQTT in a library that feels natural to an Elixir developer—that is, passing a...

Deploying to Testnet

Deploy our smart contract to the Ropsten Ethereum network while learning about Metamask and Faucets.


cat /dev/news: impossible programs, Linus vacations, BIG TECH COLLUSION!

This was a busy week for dev news, so we are trying a different format. More link dump + snark, less formal write ups.