ReasonML Standard Library

Getting comfortable with ReasonML's standard library.


Unity; For More Than Just Games

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Unity has a reputation as the go-to game engine for indie game development. It offers great licensing and a plethora of learning materials It also comes batteries included, with a vast array of features that can take almost any idea from paper to...


Design for Developers, {:elixir, :cars}, Code Review Review, Top 20 Languages

This week we cover Design and accessibility, programming your car with Elixir, a culture of code reviews, and the most popular languages among software developers.

ReasonML Fundamentals Part 3

Destructuring, pattern matching, imperative loops, modules

ReasonML Fundamentals Part 2

Fundamentals - Record, variant, list, array, function, if/else


Open Source Spotlight: GitPitch

Our weekly spotlight of a cool project in the open source community that are looking for exposure or assistance. If you’d like your project to be featured, let us know about it.

The Big Elixir Logo

Congratulations to Andy L. and Ben S. on winning tickets to The Big...


Achieve more with Less code, Elm vs React-Redux-Flow

Elm Language was specifically designed to build front-end applications, and it offers a great experience as a whole. Its most shiny features are:

  1. Great performance using the virtual DOM
  2. Functional language
  3. Safety through a Powerful type system
  4. ...

Dart 2: The Dartening, Pwning Homebrew, Prod Minimalism, Unethical Development

Dart 2 launches, Homebrew forgets to secure Jenkins, Deploy less to do more, Automated employee firing with Bash.

ReasonML Fundamentals Part 1

Dive into the core fundamentals of ReasonML, including let, type, string, char, and more.


Open Source Spotlight: Wallaby

As part of DailyDrip’s relaunch as, we want to spotlight some cool projects in the open source community. These projects are looking for exposure or assistance. If you’d like your project to be featured, email ...

Introduction to ReasonML

Installing ReasonML and getting to know its ecosystem, including refmt, Merlin, BuckleScript, and redex.


Re-Distributing the (D)web, Vue vs React, Keeping secrets, Typescript 3 released, ❤️ Mechanical Keyboards

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We are giving away a copy of @pragmaticstudio’s course Developing With Elixir/OTP. Enter the contest to win.

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Congrats to Mohamed, Alex, and Wheeler for winning a copy of Exploding Rails by Ryan Bigg. If you want to pick up a copy of your own, here’...