Keeping Your Secrets Hidden

There aren’t many rules when deploying applications to the cloud, but here’s one I think is pretty important:

>Don’t commit your API keys to your git repository.

Perhaps even more important:

>Don’t commit your database credentials to your git...


SmoothTerminal Open Source Spotlight: Alchemist.el

As part of DailyDrip’s relaunch as, we want to spotlight some cool projects in the open source community. These projects are looking for exposure or assistance. If you’d like your project to be featured, hit reply and let us...


Exploding Rails; Knative k8s Serverless; Elixir QoL; JS fundamentals; Stable APIs

Build your own 8-bit character using Sass part IV

Automating character animation.

Logging and Monitoring

Configuring and managing basic logging for Nginx.


Creating a Worker Service with Faktory

Set up and create a Worker Service.

Build your own 8-bit character using Sass part III

Animating the character

Working With APIs

Load Balancing and Caches


Vue.js Handbook, Elm generative art, Gentoo Github compromised, and Kubernetes’ effects on an organization

Does your business rely on reaching software developers, but you find yourself struggling to get the right kind of eyes? Recently realized that buying ads targeting developers is near impossible, due to adblock usage? Hit reply and let us know, we...