./Josh Adams

Josh Adams

I've been building web-based software for businesses for over 18 years. In the last four years I realized that functional programming was in fact amazing, and have been pretty eager since then to help people build software better.

./Adam Dill

Adam Dill

Adam has over 19 years of software development experience, and has spent a good part of that educating new developers. He was previously CTO at inside.com and Development Director at Maxmedia . When Adam isn't coding, he is off hiking in Colorado mountains, or practicing some pretty fly martial arts. He thinks swords are cool.

./Amy Lucas

Amy Lucas

Our resident designer/creative, Amy wants to live in a world where wifi is free, plane tickets are reasonably priced, and everyone can find their inner creativity. She’s previously worked for the FAO (United Nations), Asher Riley and 365 Inc. Typically, she can be found near the food.

./Aldric Giacomoni

Aldric Giacomoni

I am a second-degree black belt in isshinryu karate. To pay the rent, I'm a software developer. My favorite language is Ruby. I am an advocate and fervent user of XP practices, and have found that using agile methodologies is the best way to build software.

./Luiz Filho

Luiz Filho

Luiz is a Software Engineer with 8+ years of experience. Currently working for Globo.com, the internet branch of Globo, the 4th largest media conglomerate in the world. His current activities include: developing and maintaining Globo.com Live Stream CDN, which successfully broadcast more than 50 live channels during Rio Olympics and a bunch of microservices to support that.

./Thiago Marcilon

Thiago Marcilon

I'm a Ph.D. in algorithms and complexity with experience in software development. Just recently, I realized just how much theoretical knowledge can aid the everyday developer and, since then, I'm keen to show people how computing theory can help them improve their skills.

./Evan Travers

Evan Travers

I'm working as a UX designer with a software engineering background. I can't stop tinkering with my workspace, and I enjoy photography in my spare time.

./Alex Allen

Alex Allen

Alex is an independent developer who is obsessed with both performance and information security. When not writing code, Alex is either playing guitar or working in his garden.

./Ben Spratling

Ben Spratling

The day the iPhone app store opened, 3 of its apps were written by Ben, who earned his Ph.D. improving the performance of algorithms for aerospace applications. He’s contributed to lots of apps, from a handful of startups to Wolfram and DOMO. And when he’s not coding, he’s volunteering at his church.

./Brandon Blaylock

Brandon Blaylock

Brandon started coding over 15 years ago. After taking a short break to teach college, he found his way back to software development. He spends most of his time on the front-end writing JavaScript, but enjoys working on the server as well. Brandon believes that writing for DailyDrip is a great way to combine two things he cares about a great deal: software and education.

./Ben Collins

Ben Collins

Ben is an experienced software engineer living in Texas. He works primarily in .NET (C♯/F♯), AWS/Azure, distributed systems, and web apps (but occasionally dabbles in SPAs and embedded/IoT). http://ben.codes

./Matthew Ray

Matthew Ray

Matthew is a tech news enthusiast. He spends most of his time reading tech focused news, watching sports and drinking coffee. You will probably find him at a coffee shop or the library.

./Chris Krycho

Chris Krycho

Chris Krycho is a Senior Software Engineer at Olo, currently hard at work on modernizing the online ordering experience. He's also the host of the New Rustacean podcast and a total fanboy for both Rust and Elm.

./Crystal Core Team

Crystal Core Team

Creators and maintainers of the Crystal programming language. Read more about Crystal at https://crystal-lang.org/.

./Brian Carrigan

Brian Carrigan

Turning coffee into code since 2007.

./Kenton Russell

Kenton Russell

R Expert. Take a look at [his blog](http://www.buildingwidgets.com/blog) to learn more about him.

./Coala Team

Coala Team

The coala Team consists out of founders and maintainers of the coala.io open source project.

./Vitor Navarro

Vitor Navarro

Vitor is Graduated in Computer Science and is on software development world since 2007, he is a tech enthusiast and passionate about books and games. He does believe that one should never stop learning and share that knowledge because he trusts that the pencil is mightier than the sword. Can be easily found in some dev slacks online, will talk almost about anything and never denies a good game match.

./Arie Milner

Arie Milner

I've been a big fan of functional programming and type systems long before I fell for Elm. After joining Elm at 0.17, I quickly realized that it makes my life much easier and so I have been using Elm for web clients ever since.

./Starr Horne

Starr Horne

Honeybadger.io co-founder. I love to build awesome web apps.

./Franzé Jr

Franzé Jr

Software Engineer with experience working in multi-cultural teams, Franze wants to help people when he can, and he is passionate about programming and Computer Science. Founder of RemoteMeetup.com where he can meet people all over the World. When Franze is not coding, he is studying something about programming.

./Alexander Pulido

Alexander Pulido

System Engineer with 5 years of experience in software development, Alex is passionate about programming and Computer Science and thinks that the proccess where the code transform into a great app is something fascinating. When Alex is not coding, he's practicing mma, playing drums or cooking.

./Lucas Saboya

Lucas Saboya

Site Reliability Engineer that strongly advocates for DevOps culture adoption.

./Darko Kolev

Darko Kolev

Student of life, people, software development and business. Currently Lead Software Engineer at BitcoinAverage

./Jan Klimo

Jan Klimo

Full-Stack Developer at Lockstep Labs. We help our clients achieve their business goals with exceptional custom software solutions for both web and mobile. Background in Ruby on Rails and JS, functional programming enthusiast.

./Bradley Price

Bradley Price

Bradley is a Software Engineer at [@Welltok](https://twitter.com/Welltok). He is an expert with Rails and Docker.

./Robert Carpenter

Robert Carpenter

Robert Carpenter is a devops and polyglot software engineer with ~13 years professional experience in web and related development.

./Latt Vines

Latt Vines

Necromancer. Makes games. Latt runs Tartle Games, take a look at some of his work at https://tartlegames.itch.io

./Daniel García

Daniel García

Daniel has 7 years as a software developer in different roles including being a fullstack teacher in a coding bootcamp.

./Alaoui Abdellah

Alaoui Abdellah

React and React Native developer. Loves Flow and currently exploring OCaml and ReasonML. Curious and eager to learn.

./Edward Bond

Edward Bond

React and Elixir expert.

./Rafael Sales

Rafael Sales

Senior Software Engineer

./Ismael Carlos Velten

Ismael Carlos Velten

Software Engineer