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I've been building web-based software for businesses for over 18 years. In the last four years I realized that functional programming was in fact amazing, and have been pretty eager since then to help people build software better.


Implement an Elm client for a GraphQL Forum

Using elm-graphql and elm-ui to rapidly build a webapp for our GraphQL Forum.

on 2019-01-22

Implementation overview and tooling

A brief look at libraries and tools to help you build GraphQL applications

on 2019-01-22

Building a GraphQL API for a Forum with TypeScript

Using TypeScript and ApolloServer to build a GraphQL API

on 2019-01-22

Implement a forum data model in JavaScript

Building a JavaScript data model for a forum using TypeScript and TypeORM

on 2019-01-22

Introduction to the forum Data Model

An overview of the data model we’ll be using, and an exploration of it via GraphQL Playground

on 2019-01-22

Implement a forum data model in Elixir

Building an Elixir data layer for our Forum with Ecto

on 2019-01-22

Implement a Vue Client for a GraphQL Forum

Using Vue with TypeScript, Stylus, Pug, and Vuex to build a client for a graphql-powered forum

on 2019-01-22

Building a Forum Elixir GraphQL Backend with Absinthe

Setting up a Phoenix app with Absinthe to serve our data layer over GraphQL

on 2019-01-22

Implement a React Native Client for a GraphQL Forum

Creating a cross-platform graphql-powered forum app with React Native

on 2019-01-22

Implement a Flutter Client for a GraphQL Forum

Using graphql-flutter to rapidly build a real-time forum client

on 2019-01-22

HackTracks - Music to Code By

on 2018-10-19

Elixir Users Survey 2017

on 2017-12-29

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Building a To-Do List in Rails Via TDD, Part 1

Test-driven development of a production checklist app, starting with acceptance tests.

on 2017-12-04

Tagged with: TDD rails

Great Command-Line Tools, Part 1

An introductory overview of ps, awk, pipes, htop, and jq

on 2017-11-22

Tagged with: cli

How a Neural Network is Trained

Reading the code that trains an Elixir-based neural network.

on 2017-11-04

Tagged with: NeuralNetworks Elixir

Code Spelunking in a Neural Network Library

A read-through of Karmen Blake's `neural_network_elixir` library.

on 2017-11-02

Tagged with: NeuralNetworks Elixir