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Alex is an independent developer who is obsessed with both performance and information security. When not writing code, Alex is either playing guitar or working in his garden.


Start Building a Node.js API With Digital Ocean

Intro, MLab Config, and Architecture.

on 2018-06-01

Tagged with: JavaScript

Building a To-Do app with Vue.js

Putting together all the peices to build an app

on 2017-08-18

Tagged with: JavaScript

Vue.js & Vue Resource

Working with HTTP using vue-resource

on 2017-08-17

Tagged with: JavaScript

Vue.js UIs

Building UIs with Vue and Vue-Material

on 2017-08-16

Tagged with: JavaScript

Vuex and Vue-router

Exploring Vuex and Vue-router configuration

on 2017-08-15

Tagged with: JavaScript

Introduction to Vue.js

Build a Todo app using Vue.js

on 2017-08-14

Tagged with: JavaScript

Launching Production Node Apps With PM2

on 2017-07-04

Making Sense of Threat Modeling with STRIDE

on 2017-06-19

Build an API with Koa.js

on 2017-06-01