./Luiz Filho

Luiz is a Software Engineer with 8+ years of experience. Currently working for Globo.com, the internet branch of Globo, the 4th largest media conglomerate in the world. His current activities include: developing and maintaining Globo.com Live Stream CDN, which successfully broadcast more than 50 live channels during Rio Olympics and a bunch of microservices to support that.


An introduction to Go programming language

on 2017-10-23

Tagged with: go

Testing your Go Application

Using Go Standard Library for tests

on 2017-10-20

Tagged with: go testing

Building a real Go program

Building a concurrent GIF downloader CLI

on 2017-10-19

Tagged with: go example


How to use goroutines and channels in Go

on 2017-10-18

Tagged with: go basics

Go Basics

A quick rundown on the basics of Golang

on 2017-10-17

Tagged with: go

Installation and Introduction to Go

Getting started with the language

on 2017-10-16

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