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I've been building web-based software for businesses for over 18 years. In the last four years I realized that functional programming was in fact amazing, and have been pretty eager since then to help people build software better.


Implementing a Simple Neural Network in Elixir

Using an existing library to play with some simple neural networks.

on 2017-10-30

Tagged with: Elixir

DailyDrip's Hackathon for the DigitalOcean Hacktoberfest is this weekend!

on 2017-10-12

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Deploying a Phoenix App with Gatling

Using HashRocket's `gatling` tool to deploy a Phoenix app to DigitalOcean.

on 2017-10-03

Tagged with: Elixir

Monitoring with AppSignal

Add Performance Monitoring to a Phoenix app in five minutes or less.

on 2017-09-23

Tagged with: Elixir

Adding Channels for our Data Store, Part 2

Encoding some business logic from the backend into our JSON serializations, and using `defdelegate` to assist in a refactoring.

on 2017-09-14

Tagged with: Elixir

Adding Channels for our Data Store

Creating JSON representations of our resources and introducing a channel to fetch data from.

on 2017-09-13

Tagged with: Elixir

Formulae: The back-end

Important things in the rails back-end

on 2017-09-06

Tagged with: rails

Making oEmbed Not Terrible

Making our oEmbed support faster and less prone to failure

on 2017-09-04

Tagged with: Elixir

Embedding Rich Data with oEmbed

Using an open standard to embed data from other sites in Firestorm posts.

on 2017-08-29

Tagged with: Elixir

An introduction to the Crystal programming language.

on 2017-08-25

Tagged with: crystal

In-App Notifications

Adding a system for viewing notifications inside of Firestorm.

on 2017-08-17

Tagged with: Elixir

Marking Posts Viewed

Adding a polymorphic View type and handling the corresponding UI bits and bobs.

on 2017-08-08

Tagged with: Elixir

Answering your questions about Elm

on 2017-08-04

Tagged with: elm

Continuous Deployment to Heroku

Deploying to Heroku, then setting up Semaphore to continuously deploy on each push to master.

on 2017-08-02

Tagged with: Elixir

Continuous Integration with Semaphore

Setting up continuous integration for an Elixir project using Semaphore CI.

on 2017-07-27

Tagged with: Elixir

innerHTML in Elm

(Dangerously) Setting innerHTML in an Elm HTML node.

on 2017-07-21

Tagged with: elm

User Authentication with comeonin and ueberauth_identity

Rolling a user authentication system that plays nicely with our existing ueberauth system via the ueberauth_identity strategy, using comeonin for hashing passwords.

on 2017-07-14

Tagged with: Elixir

Handling Watched Threads in the Frontend

Adding controller and view support for watching Threads and only emailing Users that are watching a given Thread.

on 2017-07-13

Tagged with: Elixir

Watching Threads via Polymorphic Associations

Exploring Polymorphic associations to add the ability to watch things in our Forum, starting with Threads.

on 2017-07-05

Tagged with: Elixir

Introduction to Eve

Introducing Eve, a modern relational language for writing data-driven programs without the boilerplate.

on 2017-07-04

Tagged with: eve