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Adam has over 19 years of software development experience, and has spent a good part of that educating new developers. He was previously CTO at inside.com and Development Director at Maxmedia . When Adam isn't coding, he is off hiking in Colorado mountains, or practicing some pretty fly martial arts. He thinks swords are cool.


ReasonML is cool, Swift adopts LSP, Software engineering wisdom, Server side templating: who needs it?

on 2018-11-14

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Agile is Bullshit at the DoD, Deplatformed is the new black, Lua’s architecture, easy web performance gains

on 2018-10-31

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Open Source Spotlight: Milligram - A minimalist CSS framework

on 2018-10-24

WASM goes back to the Future, Give Lisp a chance, Microservices vs Monoliths, MongoDB RE-licenses, and Linkdump meta

on 2018-10-22

Hacktoberfest! Get a sweet t-shirt for opening 5 PRs

on 2018-10-19

Dropbox details their edge services, on replacing Redux, and the debate over Protobuffers

on 2018-10-16

Open Source Spotlight: Elm-Beam, Exploring Elm on the Erlang VM

on 2018-10-10

PyTorch makes ML easier, Minecraft programming insanity, Vue.js += 1, Grindr/Fuckr spurs open source debate.

on 2018-10-08

Open Source Spotlight: Ignite - the React Native Starter Kit

Production ready starter kits for the React Native ecosystem.

on 2018-10-03

💵💵 Java 11 - now with license fees 💵💵; Neckbeard wisdom; CA makes empty promise on IoT security

Java 11 license changes, Two discussions of retained developer wisdom, CA passes more useless laws, Dropbox drops the mic after a major Python 3 migration.

on 2018-09-29

Spotlight: Tortoise, an event-sourcing library based on the MQTT protocol.

on 2018-09-26

cat /dev/news: impossible programs, Linus vacations, BIG TECH COLLUSION!

This was a busy week for dev news, so we are trying a different format. More link dump + snark, less formal write ups.

on 2018-09-22

2.5M concurrent connections in Elixir. Readable code. Functional UI framework. Postgres 11 gets ~30% faster

How Discord manages 2.5M concurrent WebRTC connections. Long form article on writing more readable code. Scenic is a functional UI framework in Elixir and OpenGL.

on 2018-09-15

Java Dominates while Python grows, AMP sucks, Typescript helps tame JS

JetBrains 2018 developer survey, John Ousterhout discusses Software Design, ElixirConf videos released

on 2018-09-08

Open Source Spotlight: the Beaker Browser - a p2p browser based on the Dat data sharing protocol

on 2018-09-05

Is Rails Relevant? On the whining re: Elm, and Funding of OSS for fun and profit

Rails developers have babies to feed, Elm removes feature they promised to remove, algorithm interviews, and what funds open source?

on 2018-09-01

Waffle Fries as a Service; Elm 0.19; has OSS failed?; design for devs

Chick-fil-A deploys k8s for fun and proffit, Elm 0.19 compiles to very small bundles, Does OSS provide for societal good?, How to stop sucking at design

on 2018-08-25

Incentivize open source development with blockchain

on 2018-08-22

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Design for Developers, {:elixir, :cars}, Code Review Review, Top 20 Languages

This week we cover Design and accessibility, programming your car with Elixir, a culture of code reviews, and the most popular languages among software developers.

on 2018-08-18

SmoothTerminal Open Source Spotlight: Alchemist.el

on 2018-07-30

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