./Adam Dill

Adam has over 19 years of software development experience, and has spent a good part of that educating new developers. He was previously CTO at inside.com and Development Director at Maxmedia . When Adam isn't coding, he is off hiking in Colorado mountains, or practicing some pretty fly martial arts. He thinks swords are cool.


SmoothTerminal Open Source Spotlight: Alchemist.el

on 2018-07-30

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Open Source Projects We Are Thankful For

on 2017-11-22

Tagged with: weekly-drip

Xcode 9's Source Control Navigator

Using the Git SCM navigator inside of Xcode 9

on 2017-08-04

Tagged with: Swift

Debugging, Tests, and Automatic Tabs in Xcode 9

Learn how to run Xcode 9s debugger, test systems, and manage automatic tabs

on 2017-08-03

Tagged with: Swift

Xcode 9's Project Editor

Exploring the Project Editor inside of Xcode 9

on 2017-08-02

Tagged with: Swift

Xcode 9's Source Editor

Learn how the Source Editor works in Xcode 9

on 2017-08-01

Tagged with: Swift

Intro to Xcode 9

A brief introduction covering the major features of Xcode 9

on 2017-07-31

Tagged with: Swift

HAML Part 1

Exploring the basics of HAML with Middleman

on 2017-07-20

Tagged with: html-css

Blogging with Middleman

Five minutes or less to a basic blog

on 2017-07-19

Tagged with: html-css

Deploying Middleman

Deploying a Middleman site to GitHub Pages and S3

on 2017-07-18

Tagged with: html-css

Middleman Data and Extensions

Installing extensions into Middleman, and using Middleman Data

on 2017-07-17

Tagged with: html-css

Intro to Middleman

A look at Middleman, the Ruby based static HTML & CSS site builder

on 2017-07-05

Tagged with: html-css

Mental Cheats for Faster Development (or How I learned to stop worrying and love a system)

on 2017-06-29

Flexbox Examples

When to use flexbox, real world layouts, and nested flexbox

on 2017-06-23

Tagged with: html-css

Flex Items

A deep dive into flex items, flex shorthand, and vertical centering

on 2017-06-22

Tagged with: html-css

Flexbox Containers

An intro to flexbox and flex container rules

on 2017-06-19

Tagged with: html-css

Media Queries

An introduction to basic media query usage.

on 2017-05-26

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Your First Five Technical Hires

on 2017-04-06

What is HTML?

Learn how HTML lets you structure content for the web.

on 2017-02-15

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Introduction to the Swift Package Manager

Setup your development environment for package management

on 2017-01-31

Tagged with: Swift