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Adam has over 19 years of software development experience, and has spent a good part of that educating new developers. He was previously CTO at inside.com and Development Director at Maxmedia . When Adam isn't coding, he is off hiking in Colorado mountains, or practicing some pretty fly martial arts. He thinks swords are cool.


Open Source Projects We Are Thankful For

on 2017-11-22

Tagged with: weekly-drip

Xcode 9's Source Control Navigator

Using the Git SCM navigator inside of Xcode 9

on 2017-08-04

Tagged with: Swift

Debugging, Tests, and Automatic Tabs in Xcode 9

Learn how to run Xcode 9s debugger, test systems, and manage automatic tabs

on 2017-08-03

Tagged with: Swift

Xcode 9's Project Editor

Exploring the Project Editor inside of Xcode 9

on 2017-08-02

Tagged with: Swift

Xcode 9's Source Editor

Learn how the Source Editor works in Xcode 9

on 2017-08-01

Tagged with: Swift

Intro to Xcode 9

A brief introduction covering the major features of Xcode 9

on 2017-07-31

Tagged with: Swift

HAML Part 1

Exploring the basics of HAML with Middleman

on 2017-07-20

Tagged with: html-css

Blogging with Middleman

Five minutes or less to a basic blog

on 2017-07-19

Tagged with: html-css

Deploying Middleman

Deploying a Middleman site to GitHub Pages and S3

on 2017-07-18

Tagged with: html-css

Middleman Data and Extensions

Installing extensions into Middleman, and using Middleman Data

on 2017-07-17

Tagged with: html-css

Intro to Middleman

A look at Middleman, the Ruby based static HTML & CSS site builder

on 2017-07-05

Tagged with: html-css

Mental Cheats for Faster Development (or How I learned to stop worrying and love a system)

on 2017-06-29

Flexbox Examples

When to use flexbox, real world layouts, and nested flexbox

on 2017-06-23

Tagged with: html-css

Flex Items

A deep dive into flex items, flex shorthand, and vertical centering

on 2017-06-22

Tagged with: html-css

Flexbox Containers

An intro to flexbox and flex container rules

on 2017-06-19

Tagged with: html-css

Media Queries

An introduction to basic media query usage.

on 2017-05-26

Tagged with: html-css

Your First Five Technical Hires

on 2017-04-06

What is HTML?

Learn how HTML lets you structure content for the web.

on 2017-02-15

Tagged with: html-css

Introduction to the Swift Package Manager

Setup your development environment for package management

on 2017-01-31

Tagged with: Swift

We Didn't Start the Fire(storm) – You did

on 2016-12-13