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Software Engineer with experience working in multi-cultural teams, Franze wants to help people when he can, and he is passionate about programming and Computer Science. Founder of RemoteMeetup.com where he can meet people all over the World. When Franze is not coding, he is studying something about programming.


Open Source Spotlight: Remote Meetup - learn and network without leaving your house

on 2018-08-29

Tagged with: OpenSourceSpotlight

Using and Understanding Sagas

API requests using Redux Sagas

on 2018-01-05

Tagged with: react-native react

Lighting your Christmas tree with Choo

Decorate, animate, and provide a soundtrack for a Christmas tree

on 2017-12-22

Tagged with: JavaScript CSS Choo

Introduction to Choo

How and Why Choo can be a good choice for your next app

on 2017-12-21

Tagged with: Choo JavaScript

An Introduction to Bankai

Uncomplicated HTML, JS, and CSS compilation with Bankai

on 2017-12-20

Tagged with: JavaScript

Writing Consistent Commit Messages is Not a Cliché

on 2017-12-18

Tagged with: Git

Making our app prettier

Improving layout and implementing other functionalities

on 2017-12-08

Tagged with: TDD rails

Implementing the Checklist screen from our acceptance tests, Part 2

Sharing checklists

on 2017-12-07

Tagged with: TDD rails

Implementing the Checklist screen from our acceptance tests

Using acceptance tests to implement features

on 2017-12-06

Tagged with: TDD rails

Building a To-Do List in Rails Via TDD, Part 2

Test-driving our model layer

on 2017-12-05

Tagged with: TDD rails

Understanding Pipes in Elm

on 2017-11-28

Tagged with: JavaScript elm

Introduction to React VR at DailyDrip

on 2017-11-27

Tagged with: react-vr

vim at DailyDrip

When I think vim is a good idea

on 2017-11-20

Tagged with: VIM

Modern Javascript with ES8

Finish up ES8 API

on 2017-11-15

Tagged with: JavaScript

Finish the ES5 API and start building an ES8 API

Start seeing some differences between ES5 and ES8 by comparing how each builds an API.

on 2017-11-15

Tagged with: JavaScript

Build an API in ES5

Build and Assess an API made in ES5

on 2017-11-14

Tagged with: JavaScript

Start building an API in ES5 and ES8

Configure and Scaffold an API in ES5 and ES8

on 2017-11-13

Tagged with: JavaScript

Controlling an app with your face

Work with mouse events and VR gazer pointer in React VR

on 2017-11-10

Tagged with: react react-vr

Creating a Travel App

Using React VR to travel to different places

on 2017-11-09

Tagged with: react react-vr