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Software Engineer with experience working in multi-cultural teams, Franze wants to help people when he can, and he is passionate about programming and Computer Science. Founder of RemoteMeetup.com where he can meet people all over the World. When Franze is not coding, he is studying something about programming.


User Interaction and more animations in React VR

Handling interactions from the user

on 2017-11-08

Tagged with: react react-vr

Images and Animations in React VR

Handling images and animating them

on 2017-11-07

Tagged with: react react-vr

Introduction to React VR

What is React VR and how to start building apps with it.

on 2017-11-06

Tagged with: react react-vr

What is Deep Learning and a quick Overview of what Neural Networks are

A quick overview on Neural Networks

on 2017-10-27

Tagged with: JavaScript NeuralNetworks

Propagations in a Neural Network + Linear Regressions

Checking what happens inside our NN execution

on 2017-10-26

Tagged with: JavaScript NeuralNetworks

Solve a Problem using Neural Networks

Guessing the continent of a country based on GNP, Area, and Population

on 2017-10-25

Tagged with: JavaScript NeuralNetworks

Implementing a simple Neural Network

Implementing a Neural Network using perceptrons

on 2017-10-24

Tagged with: JavaScript

Using BuilderX

Putting designers and developers together

on 2017-10-13

Tagged with: react-native builderx

Immersive mode on React Native

How to do Immersive mode on React Native

on 2017-10-11

Tagged with: react-native

Using Android Native Modules

How to use Native modules from Android in React Native

on 2017-10-10

Tagged with: react-native

Effective Issue Triaging

The 5 most important steps of issue triaging

on 2017-10-06

Tagged with: coala

Preact: Why you should use it or not.

A quick rundown on Preact

on 2017-10-05

Tagged with: JavaScript

Writing a native bear with coala

Writing a bear that does all the work itself

on 2017-10-05

Tagged with: coala

Ecto vs ActiveRecord

on 2017-10-04

Tagged with: Elixir

Writing a linter bear with coala

Writing a bear that wraps an external tool

on 2017-10-04

Tagged with: coala

.coafiles and Continuous Integration with coala

Writing a configuration file for coala and setting up continuous integration with it

on 2017-10-03

Tagged with: coala

How to build Progressive Web Apps

on 2017-09-25

Tagged with: PWA JavaScript

Caching API calls using Service Workers

How to cache API calls using Service Workers

on 2017-09-22

Tagged with: JavaScript

A case for Linters

on 2017-09-22

Tagged with: programming