./Franzé Jr

Software Engineer with experience working in multi-cultural teams, Franze wants to help people when he can, and he is passionate about programming and Computer Science. Founder of RemoteMeetup.com where he can meet people all over the World. When Franze is not coding, he is studying something about programming.


Using Gatsby and Grommet to build a PWA

Using the best of Gatsby and Grommet together

on 2017-09-21

Tagged with: JavaScript

Manifest and Caching with sw-precache

Understanding manifest.json and using sw-precache

on 2017-09-20

Tagged with: JavaScript

JavaScript Workers

Understanding JavaScript workers and how to use them

on 2017-09-19

Tagged with: JavaScript

What is a PWA and Why should I care?

Diving into the PWA world

on 2017-09-18

Tagged with: JavaScript

Using Formulae and Testing

Creating a gem to Formulae and Testing it

on 2017-09-08

Tagged with: rails

Formulae React

React bits from Formulae

on 2017-09-07

Tagged with: react

Introduction to Formulae

Formulae: an MIT-licensed form builder, written in Rails and React

on 2017-09-05

Tagged with: rails

Testing our app

Using rspec and testing our models

on 2017-09-01

Tagged with: rails

Building your SPA in Elm - Part 1

on 2017-08-31

Tagged with: JavaScript elm

Code clean up and linting

Letting some tools help our code

on 2017-08-31

Tagged with: rails

Posting to Slack

Posting to Slack when new users sign ups

on 2017-08-30

Tagged with: rails

Changing Devise views and using Materialize CSS

Customizing Devise views and using a Material Design CSS library

on 2017-08-29

Tagged with: rails

React and FuseBox together

Using FuseBox rather than webpack to build our React project

on 2017-08-28

Tagged with: react

JavaScript as an Intro to Functional Programming

on 2017-08-17

Tagged with: JavaScript

The Power of Elm in JavaScript

on 2017-08-16

Tagged with: JavaScript elm

Redux First Router - First Impressions

Using Redux First Router

on 2017-08-11

Tagged with: react

Using Redux with NextJS and Deploying with Now

Setup Redux in our NextJS app and deploying with Now

on 2017-08-10

Tagged with: react

TypeScript + React

A quick rundown on TypeScript + React together

on 2017-08-09

Tagged with: react

Using NextJS + Semantic UI

Building a blog in React using Semantic UI and NextJS

on 2017-08-08

Tagged with: react

Routing in React

Using react-router and checking other routing libraries

on 2017-08-07

Tagged with: react