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Matthew is a tech news enthusiast. He spends most of his time reading tech focused news, watching sports and drinking coffee. You will probably find him at a coffee shop or the library.


Rogue Packages, Rust Week, & A Guide to the Unexpected!

on 2018-04-06

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*Intelligent* DEs, Code Under Change, and Developers are ….

on 2018-03-30

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Technical debt as a tool, the CLOUD Act, Github ‘forks’, and toilet geolocation

on 2018-03-23

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2018 Stack Overflow Developer Survey Results, Building Systems from Scratch, Bot or Not, & React is all the Rage!

on 2018-03-16

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GitHub sucks for hiring, John Carmack writes NN in C++, Flutter is neat, & Dockermentation

on 2018-03-09

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Functional Web Stack, Programmers’ Hell, First NN Running on Ethereum, Google ML Crash Course

on 2018-03-02

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React Native MIT, JupyterLab Beta, Code Review Mistakes, NPM Issues, and Smart Contract Security

on 2018-02-23

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CTO’s reflections, Byte-equivalent decompilation & Framework Benchmarks Round 15

on 2018-02-16

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Dinosaurs teach CSS, Developer Compensation, Cargo Cult Development, and ReasonML finds traction

on 2018-02-09

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2018 Dev skills survey results, modeling Elm API requests, and reducing Ruby’s memory footprint

on 2018-01-25

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Beyond Bitcoin, Vue.js Rising, AI-Curated Garbage

on 2018-01-19

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Elixir Survey, Why security is difficult, Browser Wars Story time, Quantum computing in 2018

on 2018-01-12

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JavaScript’s domination continues, 34C3 shares visions of the future, and how Ethereum executes a transaction

on 2017-12-29

Blockchain Blockers, The State of JavaScript, Sustainable FE practices

on 2017-12-15

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Open Source Speech Recognition, The failed DRM fight, ML as software dev 2.0, and is Electron a cancer?

on 2017-12-01

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Be a better technical leader, make Firefox fast with Rust, resize tons of images with Go, don’t use NoSQL

on 2017-11-17

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