Learn to build, ship, and run a Docker App. Then, dive into more advanced docker topics like testing, CI/CI and more! Docker is known as an open platform for developers and sysadmins.


Each lesson focuses on a single aspect of building the project, like modeling the data, building a GraphQL server in Elixir, or building a mobile client for it in Flutter.


Introduction to Docker

Learn how to Dockerize your first application


Introduction to ECS and Fargate

Running our dockerized app on ECS.


Log aggregation with LogDna

Shipping logs to a centralized service


Monitoring with Scout

Keeping an eye on our app’s performance through monitoring.


CDN with S3/CloudFront and SSL (with LetsEncrypt) + other similar smallish tasks

Getting our app ready for production


Automated Backups and Disaster Recovery Part 1

If you haven't tested restore, you don't have a backup


Automated Backups and Disaster Recovery Part 2

Configure a Read Replica and a Multi-AZ.


Exceptional Exceptions

Exception handling with HoneyBadger


Monitoring and Alerting

Configuring alerts with HoneyBadger.


Setup a Faktory service, Create a Background job, and test it.


Creating a Worker Service with Faktory

Set up and create a Worker Service.


The code in the applications was produced by:

./bradley price

Bradley Price

Bradley is a Software Engineer at [@Welltok]( He is an expert with Rails and Docker.

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