Implement a React Native Client for a GraphQL Forum

Creating a cross-platform graphql-powered forum app with React Native

Working with GraphQL in React Native is similar in many ways to other backend technologies. We just need to connect our mobile app’s GraphQL client to our GraphQL back-end written in Elixir, JavaScript or any other language.

For this app, we will be using TypeScript rather than pure JavaScript. We already have our React Native app bootstrapped with TypeScript. It's a pure react-native app with some conventions for directory structure.

Our code lives in the src directory. In our TypeScript configuration, the builds are going to the build directory.

Our components live in the Components directory. Each component will have its own directory containing the styles, the test file for this component, and the component itself.

The screens and containers will be in the Screens directory. This is where we connect with GraphQL and send the properties to our components.

GraphQL configuration and navigation will have their own directories as well.

./ ├── android ├── app.json ├── babel.config.js ├...

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