Implement an Elm client for a GraphQL Forum

Using elm-graphql and elm-ui to rapidly build a webapp for our GraphQL Forum.

Elm is easily my favorite language for building webapps. I'd love to show you how to use Elm to build a Single Page App that interacts with our GraphQL backend.

I'm assuming you've already installed Elm 0.19. We'll begin by making a new project:

mkdir firestorm_elm cd firestorm_elm elm init

This produces an elm.json file for us. Next, we need a basic application shell. We'll create that in src/Main.elm:

-- src/Main.elm module Main exposing (main) import Browser import Browser.Navigation as Nav import Html as H import Json.Decode import Url exposing (Url) main = Browser.application { init = init , view = view , update = update , subscriptions = subscriptions , onUrlRequest = onUrlRequest , onUrlChange = onUrlChange } type alias Model = {} type Msg = NoOp subscriptions = always Sub.none onUrlRequest = always NoOp onUrlChange = always NoOp view : model -> Browser.Document Msg view model = { title = "Forums" , body = [ H.text "Forums" ] }...

Implement a Flutter Client for a GraphQL Forum

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