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Alex is an independent developer who is obsessed with both performance and information security. When not writing code, Alex is either playing guitar or working in his garden.


PostgreSQL: Efficient Queries - Indexing

How to index your tables to make your queries perform far more efficiently.

on 2018-11-05

PostgreSQL: Explain

Understand what is going on under the hood of your queries.

on 2018-11-02

PostgreSQL: Analyze

How to keep PostgreSQL updated on the status of our tables so it can run queries as efficiently as possible.

on 2018-10-26

PostgreSQL: Vacuum / Autovacuum

Eliminate the bloat in your database with vacuum and autovacuum.

on 2018-10-24

PostgreSQL: General Configuration 2

Understanding pg_hba.conf, postgresql.conf, and how to use them to tune our systems.

on 2018-10-18

PostgreSQL: General Configuration 1

Getting up and running with PostgreSQL.

on 2018-10-16

ReasonML Standard Library

Getting comfortable with ReasonML's standard library.

on 2018-08-21

ReasonML Fundamentals Part 3

Destructuring, pattern matching, imperative loops, modules

on 2018-08-16

ReasonML Fundamentals Part 2

Fundamentals - Record, variant, list, array, function, if/else

on 2018-08-14

ReasonML Fundamentals Part 1

Dive into the core fundamentals of ReasonML, including let, type, string, char, and more.

on 2018-08-09

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Introduction to ReasonML

Installing ReasonML and getting to know its ecosystem, including refmt, Merlin, BuckleScript, and redex.

on 2018-08-07

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Logging and Monitoring

Configuring and managing basic logging for Nginx.

on 2018-07-06

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Working With APIs

Load Balancing and Caches

on 2018-07-02

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Server Rendered Apps

How to make Nginx useful with server rendered apps built using Rails or Express.js.

on 2018-06-27

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Hosting Static Websites

Use Nginx to host a basic static website.

on 2018-06-22

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Setup Nginx

Tying it all together with Nginx.

on 2018-06-08

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Introduction to Nginx

Nginx Fundamentals

on 2018-06-08

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Launch and enhance our API

Learning To Use PM2 and launching our API

on 2018-06-06

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Create FreeBSD droplets and configure them to run Nginx and Node.js

Configuring FreeBSD.

on 2018-06-05

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Build a Node.js API

Building the API defining our CRUD operations.

on 2018-06-04

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