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New GraphQL course; Phoenix LiveView is now available; The value of older coders; All glory to the monolith

We’ve released a new course, GraphQL: Zero to Awesome. In it, we build a GraphQL forum backend in both Elixir and JavaScript, and write clients for it in Vue, React Native, Elm, and Flutter. There’s over four and a half hours of content, and all...


GraphQL in F# with FSharp.Data.GraphQL

Since the beginning of the era of service-based applications and data-oriented APIs, a big struggle is always present not only to reduce traffic and request number on those kind of services, but also to provide a good way for the user to...


gRPC and Protocol Buffers as an alternative to JSON REST APIs

gRPC is an open-source remote procedure call framework and Protocol Buffers is a mechanism for serializing structured data. Both were developed by Google and are used in their internal and public APIs. Other big players such as Cisco and Netflix...


Introduction to GraphQL

What’s this GraphQL thing and where does it fit in?

Implement a forum data model in JavaScript

Building a JavaScript data model for a forum using TypeScript and TypeORM

Building a GraphQL API for a Forum with TypeScript

Using TypeScript and ApolloServer to build a GraphQL API


Implementation overview and tooling

A brief look at libraries and tools to help you build GraphQL applications

Building a Forum Elixir GraphQL Backend with Absinthe

Setting up a Phoenix app with Absinthe to serve our data layer over GraphQL

Implement a forum data model in Elixir

Building an Elixir data layer for our Forum with Ecto

Implement a React Native Client for a GraphQL Forum

Creating a cross-platform graphql-powered forum app with React Native

Implement an Elm client for a GraphQL Forum

Using elm-graphql and elm-ui to rapidly build a webapp for our GraphQL Forum.


Introduction to the forum Data Model

An overview of the data model we’ll be using, and an exploration of it via GraphQL Playground